In relations with NATO, Ukraine find itself in a vicious circle

It’s not possible for Ukraine to reach NATO standards until 2020. This was announced by Sergiy Verbytsky, Deputy Head of the Department of Cooperation with NATO of the Government Office on European and Euroatlantic Integration of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

During 2019, Ukraine will only have time to fulfill a few criteria that will bring it closer to NATO membership. After all, there are around 1,300 open standards only, without closed ones, Verbytsky noted. According to him, Ukraine should strive to achieve standards in the defense industry; defense, strategic, financial and resource planning; logistics and command.

It’s impossible to achieve 100% fulfillment in all these areas until 2020. However, some key issues, for sure, will be solved, Verbytsky stressed.

In the latest TRUMAN Index our analysts noted that the assessments of both Ukrainian officials and experts on the progress in achieving NATO standards differ significantly. Exact figures may only be be given on practical cooperation between Ukraine and the Alliance. But experienced observers have the feeling of deja vu: Ukraine’s fulfillment of certain obligations before a regular summit, and then there is a lull. The current lull is burdened by the fact that Ukraine is ahead of the election campaign.

According to TRUMAN Index experts, on the way of Ukraine’s integration into NATO (as, indeed, in the EU) there is an expressive need for clear milestones with which one can assess Ukraine’s approach to membership in the Alliance. The refusal of Member-states to conduct a conversation in such a paradigm (they say, there must be reforms first, and then there is talk) creates a vicious circle. Euroatlantic integration as a goal is so strategic and immense that its achievement becomes rather a sluggish process.