TRUMAN Agency becomes a partner of STEM is FEM educational initiative

STEM is FEM is about female power and support. About equal opportunities to choose one`s career. It's not about typical “female” or “male” jobs. It's about dispelling gender stereotypes.

STEM is FEM participants are teenage girls from all over Ukraine, who get their place in the project based on a competitive examination. The training program is split into educational modules with each one covering a particular direction of STEM fields. During the modules, the girls get to work with field specialists, who provide a creative introduction to the subject. Lectures, excursions, test assignments at the end of the module – no time to be bored. Valuable prizes for the winners; knowledge, presents, and tons of simply the best experience for all the participants.

But what is probably most valuable are the girls` meetings with motivational speakers, who inspire and lead by example to be brave in fulfilling the boldest ambitions. Women, who have made outstanding accomplishments in diplomatic career, state governance, business are happy to become a part of the project and share their personal stories and experience.

“I`m a feminist” – often claims TRUMAN Agency`s founder Ivan Vaneev. And he gives no reason to doubt it: TRUMAN Agency`s team employs so many young talented women, who can easily outsmart the most pretentious opponent when needed.

Not all of us have a STEM-degree. But each of us was once a girl, who hesitated, feared, made efforts, looked up to someone and overcame obstacles. So, the ideas that STEM is FEM promotes are very close to us and we are happy to become a partner of the project to help the organizers do even more good.

We are joined in the project by the UN Office in Ukraine, UN Women, UNICEF, the Embassies of the United States and Finland, and many more wonderful people and organizations, committed to the cause of equality.

Pleased to become a part of such an amazing initiative!