TRUMAN becomes a general partner of the Mazepa Awards

The Mazepa Awards is founded by Concorde Capital CEO Igor Mazepa. It is intended for Ukrainian technology companies, changing our lives, as well as those people who make it possible.

Mazepa Awards is designed to name and reward those investing in Ukraine not only money, but also part of their lives. Its goal is to create a new investment culture in Ukraine, indicate new investment directions, unleash Ukraine’s technological potential and to celebrate the successes of Ukrainian innovators.

The prize is not just a reward for the best startups and investors. It’s a signal for the society: times have changed, and it is now much more interesting in the technological world than anywhere else. This is the message of the IT-community: now you are the business elite of the country. And it is a bridge between experienced entrepreneurs and young technological businessmen looking for money and experience,” Truman’s Managing Partner Ivan Vaneev commented on.

The winners of the Mazepa Awards will be selected in 10 nominations: Best Tech Company, Best Startup, Investor of the Year, Exit of the Year, Best Breakthrough, Best Innovator in the Traditional Industry, Business influencer, Wasted Opportunity, ESG Champion, and Grand Prix.

TRUMAN, along with with Concorde Capital and Roosh, will participate as a general partner in forming a long list for each nomination that will be announced in January.

The Awards organizers will then launch an online voting that will form the short lists of nominees. In March, an authoritative jury will select the winner in each nomination except for the Grand Prix. Since it is the award ceremony guests who will select the most deserving candidate for the Grand Prix among all Mazepa Awards nominations.

The Mazepa Awards ceremony will take place on April 15, 2022.

Mazepa Awards will be the biggest event in Ukraine’s technology investment market. TRUMAN has the honour to be a part of its emergence and development.