She is science

"SHE IS SCIENCE": the art exhibition has shown the female face of Ukrainian science

A pre-premiere art exhibition "SHE IS SCIENCE" took place on March 5. Guests of the event could walk along the gallery of 12 portraits of Ukrainian female scientists and see: Ukrainian science has a female face. And it is beautiful!

The artistic part of the "SHE IS SCIENCE" project was perfectly complemented by a series of motivational speeches from the initiators and partners of the project – Reface investor and initiator of the STEM is FEM project Serhiy Tokarev, UN Women Country Representative in Ukraine Erika Kvapilova, the UNICEF Representative in Ukraine Lotta Sylwander. The highlight of the evening was a series of inspired speeches by the heroines of the project – female scientists depicted in the portraits.

Well-known illustrator Serhiy Maidukov, who represented the star team of illustrators working on the portraits, gave a public interview to schoolgirl Kateryna Kalinichenko, a graduate of the STEM is FEM project. STEM is FEM is a charitable educational project that promotes technical specialties among girls and destroys all stereotypes around "non-female" professions.

A great end to the official part of the evening was the panel discussion "Generation Equality" about the value of respect for women in the profession, which we must nurture, above all, in ourselves. As for the unofficial part - guests of the exhibition had a great time for pleasant acquaintances, conversations about science and women in science, about art as a tool for transmitting values.

It was a great pleasure to see many high school girls at the event. Educational art project "SHE IS SCIENCE" was designed for them and was inspired by them. So if this evening inspires them to choose the path in STEM, or simply - to choose their professional path, despite any prejudices and stereotypes - we will believe that our mission is accomplished.

"SHE IS SCIENCE" is an educational art project that TRUMAN Agency supports. We are happy to be a part of this wonderful story of popularizing Ukrainian science with a "female face".