“SHE is SCIENCE” essay contest: winners revealed

The organizers of an essay contest within the educational art project “SHE is SCIENCE” have announced the names of 12 winners.

The project, implemented by STEM is FEM in partnership with UNICEF Ukraine and UN Women Ukraine, became so trendy, that it was a real challenge to choose the winners. In TRUMAN Agency we not only support this project as partners, but sincerely root for it.

It was amazing to see how young girls are inspired by life stories of famous Ukrainian female scientists. Through mutual efforts in restoring gender equality we increase interest in science and STEM-careers among girls.

It is proved by more than 500 essays that the Selection Committee has received. The award-winning works will become a part of the all-Ukrainian exhibition of portraits of famous female scientists. The name of the Grand Prize winner will be revealed at the Awards Ceremony, which will be held at the beginning of June.

Our congratulations to:
1. Anastasia Suvorova – an essay about Natalia Atamas
2. Anna Brosalina – an essay about Marina Viazovska
3. Anna Kuzneva – an essay about Olha Perevozchikova
4. Bohdana Yakobchuk - an essay about Hanna Yelska
5. Daria Grechaniuk - an essay about Svitlana Arbuzova
6. Elizaveta Lazareva - an essay about Olena Vaneeva
7. Marta Shvets - an essay about Kateryna Yushchenko
8. Nadia Kasyanchuk - an essay about Nana Voitenko
9. Olena Kovalenko - an essay about Galyna Skybo
10. Olena Petryshyn - an essay about Oksana Piven
11. Julia Pavlenko - an essay about Claudia Latysheva
12. Yaroslava Nazarenko - an essay about Antonina Pryhotko

All the finalists will be awarded with prizes and will receive a unique opportunity to work with a professional editor.

The organizers express their gratitude to members of the Selection Committee: Anna Hayetska, editor-in-chief of Wonderzine Ukraine. Vadym Karpiak, journalist, host of the program “Freedom of Speech” at ICTV channel. Larysa Denysenko, writer, lawyer, human rights activist, TV presenter, radio host on Hromadske radio, member of the Ukranian PEN-Club. Masha Tsukanova, psychotherapist, first editor-in-chief of Vogue Ukraine. Olha Maslova, biologists, member of the expert council STEM is FEM, cofounder of Nobilitet, radio host on Hromadske radio. Tetyana Komlyk or Tatusia Bo, blogger, writer, translator, volunteer.

A special gratitude to our partners Asters law firm, StarlightMedia, The Page and SpilneArt. We are happy to be a part of this awesome initiative to promote Ukrainian science with a "female face" with you.