Hugues Mingarelli: The impression of Ukraine in the West is different from reality

"There is a big gap between the real state of things in Ukraine and their reflection and perceptions in the West," said EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli during the discussion "Ukraine: The country everybody likes but speaks ill of" organized by strategic communications company TRUMAN Agency.

"This is partly due to extremely effective disinformation campaign in Russia. But only partly. To a large extent, the reason lies in the inability of Ukrainian authorities to properly communicate the situation in the country and the nature of its population to a foreign audience," said Mr. Ambassador.

Head of the EU Delegation noted that Ukraine has great potential, as it is the largest country in Europe with a market of more than 40 million consumers. But all this potential and assets of the country are not fully employed.

"In my opinion, there are two main problems. The first is that you have a big neighbor who does not agree with the process of decomunization and decolonization, and tries to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. The second problem is that the rule of law in Ukraine is at a much lower level than in most European countries," explained Hugues Mingarelli.

First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine Kateryna Rozhkova, investor and former Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Aivaras Abromavichus, and other guests of TRUMAN Reception also spoke about successes of Ukraine and the need to speak them aloud out.